Motion Reel 2013

0:00:02 Catalone FlyBy Party Invite
I storyboarded the animation.
I built an animatic for the 3D motion.
I animated all of the 2D elements.

0:00:09 Master Your Mind
I designed the Ping Pong logo.
I storyboarded the animation.
I animated the 3D elements.
I composited the 2D effects.
I animated the 2D elements.

0:00:17 The Primary Day School STEM Animation
I storyboarded the animation.
I animated the spot.

0:00:24 Catalone FlyBy Party Invite

0:00:32 James Bond Titles
I designed the logo.
I designed the look and feel of the animation.
I animated the spot.
I composited the spot.

0:00:46 Camera Tracking Student Project
I shot the footage.
I tracked the footage.
I designed and animated the elements.

0:00:52 Master Your Mind

Office of Inspector General Website

The Office of the Inspector General of the Department of Commerce monitors and tracks the use of taxpayer dollars through audits, inspections, evaluations, and investigations. The Inspector General keeps the Secretary of Commerce and Congress fully and currently informed about problems and deficiencies relating to Commerce’s activities and the need for corrective action.

The Office of Inspector General reached out to me to redesign their website. The goal was of the front end redesign was to improve the user experience by streamlining the delivery of OIG reports. The secondary goal was to create a stronger bond between the U.S. Department of Commerce website and the Office of Inspector General website.

I worked closely with the team of developers and project managers from Planet Technologies.